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Could you be paying less for better coverage? Is your premium too expensive? Do you have the right coverage? Employers leverage us for better coverage from the same providers, for less. Take comfort in our free review and find out if you are paying what you should be. Use us to your advantage.


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Health Benefits

case studies

Engineering Firm

(30 Employees) 20 Employees insured.
Old Plan
Horizion BCBS
Needed to Reduce Costs
Profitrust Health Savings
New Plan
Guarenteed 30k saved in one year

We implemented the Difference Card, improved their current benefits and save a guarantee of 30k
for the year.

Engineering Firm

1000 Employees (600 on Healthcare plan)
Old Plan
Needed to Reduce Costs
Profitrust Health Savings
New Plan
Saved $2.5 million dollars, 50k per year
After switching the medical to the new TPA and different network the company saved $2.5 million dollars. Switching and bundling the ancillary benefits saved the employees over 50k for the year.