Frequently Asked Questions

Why wouldn’t I engage ProfiTrust?

  • There’s no reason not to! Although it may seem too good to be true, it’s not. Our process eliminates any risk or downside, we can only save you money.
  • Keep your bills high or activate us. Up to you 😉

Does it cost anything?

  • YES- Only if you don’t engage us!
  • A truly risk free process. We only earn a small percentage of the savings we generate on your behalf.
  • We lower rates – that’s it. We don’t ask you to purchase special new 2018 eco-friendly LED long lasting ambient white bright plastic last-forever light bulbs …. Or anything else for that matter.
  • No Cap-Ex whatsoever…. EVER.

How does it work? Our 5 easy steps:

  • REVIEW: Send us last month’s bill for the suggested categories.
  • BENCHMARK ANALYSIS: We document your current spend, identify lower pricing, and create a savings assessment for our joint review.
  • IMPLEMENT: We Advise, You Decide. If you authorize, we implement start to finish. We become your favorite “full-time employee”.
  • REALIZE– You won’t see any changes – except lower bills.
  • COMPLIANCE– Your work is done, enjoy the savings. We ensure compliance with the new pricing and send a monthly “WFA Report”* highlighting your savings. See our sample report here: *Sample report*

*WFA Report: We’re Freakin’ Awesome Report.

What if we don’t want to share confidential information?

  • You don’t have to.
  • Most categories don’t require any confidential information. Our data collection is typically last month’s invoice.
  • For instances that do, we will always work within your comfort level. We are also happy to sign NDA’s.

My staff doesn’t have extra time on their hands. How much time do you need from them?

  • Only as long as it takes for them to send last month’s bill.

We already do what you do. Why activate ProfiTrust?

  • Your Procurement, AP, and Finance Departments represent your company, and don’t have access to pricing comps outside of your industry… We do.
  • ProfiTrust represents hundreds of clients from all industries and sizes. We review and negotiate thousands of invoices and contracts annually, which allows us to leverage our economies of scale for you. Plus – there’s no risk.

We don’t have time for this and we won’t make any changes.

  • Nobody likes change, especially us. The only change your business will notice is lowered expenses – and passive residual higher profits.

What if you review my bills and don’t find savings, is there any downside?

  • Glad you asked. In the rare case this happens – Great work, this is the silver lining. We are excited to come back and congratulate you on your current spend for that category. We’re confident we will find you savings elsewhere.

I Would like a bit more information on the Utilities scheme. How does it work? Are we making a long term commitment and to whom?

  • It is simple. You onboard into our utility pool and get the best pricing available for the same exact utilities you are paying for now. There is no commitment and you are free to leave the pool without any consequence at any time. Usually, no one leaves because our pricing can’t be beat. NOTE: Our utilities are provided by the same entities that provide it to you now. There is no change other than a lowered amount for you to pay.

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