Case Studies

ProfiTrust reduces your indirect operating expenses. Our purchasing power allows us to offer our clients access to some of the lowest rates in the Country from the same vendors they use now. Our clients pay less for the same.

New York Non-Profit Case Study

Problem: $7,000,000 inefficient rates with no price protection.

Solution: ProfiTrust utility pool.

Benefit: 37% of initial costs were eliminated and all buildings now paying identical rates


Problem: Utilities: Outdated infrastructure in the majority of their 200+ NYC buildings was causing a massive overspend. Couple rising electric costs with gross inefficiencies and no budget to upgrade, this NY institution needed help.

Solution: ProfiTrust utility pool

This client was spending over $7,000,000 a year on utilities with different rates paid at each location. There was no price protection, aggregation, or tech-related to managing the spend.

ProfiTrust pools lowered costs by 37% and provide centralized pricing with a leveraged, managed spend. Now, almost all buildings are bundled paying the same rates. Should retail rates drop, all buildings benefit. Should retail rates increase, our pools temper the rise and protect our clients. Our pool management allows clients to keep a watchful eye on spending, in real-time, with our experts leading the way.

Client: ‘As See on TV’ product manufacturer/wholesaler.

Problem: Small parcel spend was out of control and had been for years. New management was facing a significant rate increase
from the carrier so they reached out to us through a referral from another client.

Solution: ProfiTrust audit and carrier optimization platform.

This client was spending over $3,500,000 a year on small parcel shipments and were auditing their packages manually capturing about 10% of the service failure refunds available to them.

ProfiTrust automatically captured refunds due to service failures totalling over $25,000 in the first 3 months. Previously, they had captured $2,000 at the same point YOY. PT has saved this client over $100,000 in audit to date AND we were able to determine exactly what rates they deserved and we now save them over $500,000 a year instead of a 12% rate hike!

Profitrust Case Study - Tv Broadcast

Problem: $3,500,000 inefficient spend.

Solution: ProfiTrust Small parcel audit and agreement optimization solutions.

Benefit: $115,000 (14 months) audit refunds + $500,000 rate reduction savings.

Problem: 400,000 a year in merchant service fees; $2,000,000 small parcel spend, no audit.

Solution: PT Zero Cost Merchant Processing.

Benefit: $400,000 in merchant savings fees; $350,000 in
small parcel spend.

Client: Equipment rental company.

Problem: As an equipment rental company sending (and returning) its equipment all over the country, small parcel spend was a massive cost center with multiple loss & damage claims every month. They also take credit cards for 90% of their transactions/deposits which cost them over $350K a year in merchant service fees.
Solution: ProfiTrust audit and carrier optimization and Zero Cost Merchant Processing (ZCP) platforms.

Spending almost $400,000+ a year on merchant service fees and almost $2,000,000 a year on small parcel shipments.

Onboard both small parcel and ZCP platforms. We saved this client over $350,000 last year in small parcel spend and performance guarantee refunds with the same trajectory this year (almost 20% savings). Being so impressed with our achievements, we were asked to help with merchant services. Within 3 months, we saved them over $90,000 dollars and we are on target for almost $400,000 in savings this year! They will never pay another dollar in merchant service fees and do not have to allocate resources to either one of these categories.

Client: Oil & Gas wholesaler (100+ year-old company).

Problem: Merchant Service Fees: with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express rates constantly on the rise, especially for Card Not Present (CNP) transactions,
this client was facing a serious problem. With profit margins eroding due to raised rates, a fixed COGS and precluded from raising their prices because of the extremely competitive marketplace, this client needed immediate help without changing processors (they are tied to their ERP and would have been over $60,000 to change processors).
Solution: ProfiTrust Zero Cost Merchant Processing platform.

This client was spending over $2,250,000 a year on merchant service fees.

ProfiTrust converted this client to its Zero Cost Processing platform reducing all merchant service fees to ZERO, a savings of more than $2,250,000 each year! Fearing a backlash from lost customers, we offered many zero cost payment alternatives parrying any concerns about customer loss. The result, no customer drop off and zero fees to accept credit cards avoiding over $2,250,000 a year in fees!

Problem: Annual Merchant service fees of $2,225,000.

Solution: PT Zero Cost Merchant Processing.

Benefit: Merchant fees reduced to zero, client savings, $2,225,000.

Problem: $1,800,000 dollar annual utility.

Solution: ProfiTrust utility pools.

Benefit: Client savings: $750,000 savings, almost a 50% reduction.

Client: Food Manufacturer and wholesaler.

Problem: As a food manufacturer with climate-controlled factories, warehouses and distribution centers across the Country, Utility costs were extremely expensive with no one in the company having the expertise required to manage the same.

Solution: ProfiTrust utility pools.

Spending over $1,800,000 a year on their utilities, this client thought they had no choice but to pay the utility companies whatever they asked, including rate hikes and load spikes.

This client joined our utility pools (available in almost every deregulated state) that offered almost a 50% reduction for the same electricity they were receiving prior to onboard. This client went from $.091 cents/KwH to less than $.05/KwH for the SAME electricity from the SAME utility company because of ProfiTrust.

Client: International law firm.

Problem: Unclaimed Property: This client had thousands of assets worth millions of dollars that had escheated back to the states
unbeknownst to them. Despite their internal attempts to recover this property, they had only scratched the surface and collected less than 5% of what they were owed. They contacted us to help figure out why they weren’t successful in recovering all that was rightfully theirs.

Solution: ProfiTrust Unclaimed Property/Asset Recovery platform.

Over $3,000,000 in escheated assets of unclaimed property.

ProfiTrust was able to recover almost $2,700,000 in funds nationally dating back to 1975 within 3 months. Our asset recovery/unclaimed property initiative searches the federal, state, local and municipal levels for DBA’s and aliases ensuring we recover as much as we can for our clients.

Problem: $3,000,000 in lost funds and property, some from over 50 years ago.

Solution: ProfiTrust Unclaimed Property & Asset Recovery platform.

Benefit: Client recovered over $2,700,000

Problem: $1,500,000 small parcel spend.

Solution: ProfiTrust Small parcel audit and agreement optimization solutions.

Benefit: $525,000 in rate reductions and $150,000+ in audit refunds.

Client: Cleaning supplies wholesaler.

Problem: Wholesaler of price-sensitive goods with heavy competition, this client didn’t want to take any chances with their small parcel spend.

Solution: ProfiTrust small parcel audit and carrier agreement optimization platform.

Spending over $1,500,000 a year on small parcel, this client thought they were subject to an egregious impending rate hike that they had no choice but to accept. Considering layoffs and cut-backs to absorb the increased costs, they turned to ProfiTrust from a recommendation from a competitor that we had done very well for.

Over the past 18 months, we have recovered an average of $2,000 a week in refunds for service failures (over $150,000) in addition to a 35% rate reduction on their $1,500,000 spend ($525,000). We have saved this client over $600,000 in small parcel spend with NO changes in service providers.